The Executive Team Alignment process is a customized, facilitated series of sessions devoted to cultivating peak performance in executive leadership teams.  Decisions are made faster and more efficiently; execution becomes simpler and more efficient.  Goals are achieved quickly and excellence is possible.  Factions and silos are removed and the group experiences the benefits of functioning with one mind, rather than splitting apart and working against the organization's best interests.

The purpose of the series is to realize the potential powers of an executive team and its capacity to be fully aligned with the future vision of the organization, ultimately creating the foundation for successful implementation of any large change.  An executive team ought to be the driving force of strategy in a company.  Our Executive Team Alignment program helps CEOs reenergize their executive team members to collectively see the possibility of a compelling future vision, to identify the right roadmap to get them there, and to align with their fellow executives while committing to each other’s success throughout the process.

In our 4-day (over 3 to 6 months) Executive Team Alignment Process (ETAP), we facilitate an awareness and understanding among leadership teams about their potential as a true governing executive team. We address the needs of the CEO and the need for alignment and commitment among all members of the executive leadership team. We focus on incorporating the need to have a fresh, creative, and compelling future for the organization with the needs of each executive team member. ETAP acts as the launch pad for executives to co-define and fully own a compelling possible future for their organization.


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We use a proven process to get teams aligned and performing that has the following steps:

  1. Conduct confidential, 60-90 minute interviews of the executive team, provide assessment tools as desired
  2. Review existing, relevant documentation (surveys, reports, policies, etc)
  3. Provide summary of interview themes and design for team session 1 - review/finalize 
  4. Conduct team session 1 (1 day)
  5. Debrief team session 1 and plan for team session 2 and 3
  6. Conduct team session 2 and 3 (1 day each)
  7. Provide Wrap Up report and recommendations to key stakeholders
  8. Complete session 4, celebrate accomplishments

These are the broad agenda items that are typically worked over the course of the 2 team sessions:

  • Reviewing Summary Themes of Assessment/ Interviews
  • Defining Alignment and Critical Success Factors
  • Breaking with the Past
  • Clarifying the Compelling Future Vision
  • Defining High Level Goals that Support the Vision
  • Defining an Executive Team Charter
  • Clarifying Executive Team Roles, Responsibilities and Behaviors
  • Defining an on-going process to ensure Accountability and Performance 

Executive Team Alignment is typically facilitated by a team of two experienced facilitators working in tandem to ensure focused action and best results.


The leadership team becomes aware of its vision, owns the vision, and identifies the right roadmaps to succeed. Following the initial executive alignment process, the executive team is then prepared and committed to build its path to a better future.  Additional results include:

  • Alignment and agreement around roles and responsibilities.
  • Alignment and agreement regarding purpose, vision, and values. 
  • Time taken to understand each other's strengths and where to leverage them. 
  • Faster decision making.
  • Eliminate infighting and turf wars.
  • Create a foundation of success on the executive team for achieving a strategy or any organization-wide initiative. 
  • Generate a compelling vision of the future that has the executive team's full commitment. 
  • High-performance executive team success.