We offer Executive Coaching packages in the following lengths:

  • Three (3), one-hour sessions over a two (2) month time period.
  • Six (6), one-hour sessions over a two (2) month time period. 
  • Twelve (12), one-hour sessions over a three (3) month time period. 
  • Twenty-four (24) one-hour sessions over a six (6) month time period
  • Customized length - please inquire for details.  


Each of the above packages include up to four hours in person or virtual (video/phone/web) per month. Ongoing phone and email availability. Alignment meetings with direct supervisor are conducted within the hours provided. Hours may be used for assessment services, on-site shadowing or other coaching activities as determined by the coachee.

With every coaching engagement, Sloan Group International provides a single point of contact for relationship management for every client. This person is your Client Relationship Manager. The Client Relationship Manager manages the coaching team, assures quality and consistency, and delivers aggregated data to internal stakeholders on a monthly basis. This information includes hours used by coachee, alignment meetings completed, public goal commitments, assessments completed, aggregated assessment data, and organizational themes.

Sloan Group International has a proven track record in large-scale executive coaching programs at major multinational organizations.  Our coaches are experienced and diverse in their backgrounds and skills, and our proprietary matching process ensures we find the best-fit coaches for individuals and their organizational context.  What bonds us together is our philosophy of focusing on organizational and individual strengths, and our commitment to following a clear process of contracting, managing, and leveraging coaching results.  We have the capacity to source coaches across the globe, and currently have SGI affiliates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, China, Indonesia, Singapore, India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Australia.


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Common Uses of Executive Coaching:

  • Cross-cultural dexterity/adapting to a new culture.
  • Influencing up, down, and across the organization.
  • Managing challenging teams or teams in transition.
  • Creating new strategies, visions, directions, and goals.
  • Taking on a new role or opportunity within an organization.
  • Re-connecting topurpose and inspiration.
  • Integrating new tools, approaches, or learnings from training.
  • Learning new competencies, skills, or leveraging the strengths they already have.


Typical Coaching Program Results:

  • Heightened awareness of leadership strengths, competencies, and attitudes.
  • Better utilization of team members and more effective people management.
  • Individualized assessment and feedback that gets at what others don’t tell them.
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence and leadership aptitude.
  • Increased efficacy in influencing up, down, and across the organization.
  • Private, confidential goal setting and evaluation with someone who will push for performance - and results based on that process.
  • Ideas to help them and their organization excel.
  • Enhanced strategic thinking.
  • Greater resilience, adaptability and ability to shift course without causing problems.
  • Increased effectiveness, endurance, and fulfillment on the job.
  • Meeting specific, measurable goals


"We work with Sloan Group International as our single source for all of our coaching needs and I have been really pleased in working with them. They have helped us to retain key leaders and to help them to be more effective. We are in a “high heat” situation, with lots of things going on. I feel confidence that there’s a consistent process in place, high-quality coaching and flexibility in finding the right fit for an individual leader. Furthermore there’s a consistency when we have a need for creating and facilitating offsites or strategy sessions. There’s an ease in working with them and I value how well they understand my industry, how well they listen and how we can build upon one another’s ideas to create a solution."   - Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Global Consulting Firm