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Elliott is a certified Executive Coach, with 25 years experience coaching and developing executives and leadership teams in complex global organizations. As someone who has lived a life rich in change and learning experiences, Elliott specializes in coaching leaders through change and critical transitions. He helps leaders discover and connect with their purpose and develop the self-awareness and skills that will take them to new levels of performance. He combines coaching with the latest learning and motivation techniques to help leaders perform at their peak in new situations, to acquire new capabilities, effectively engage others, become more innovative and integrate learning with real-time experiences.

Elliott has created and led the Talent and Leadership strategy for several leading global companies, in the midst of large-scale transformations, as the global head of Talent, OD and Learning at Pfizer, AkzoNobel, Novartis, Siemens and Compaq. This experience has given him valuable insights into what CEO’s and Boards expect of their leaders and how to operate at C- level. His experience living abroad for 12 years with his family in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands has shaped his thinking on how to succeed despite the challenges of different corporate and country cultures.

He enjoys working with strong-minded, purpose-driven leaders who are motivated to grow and deliver ever better results. His ultimate goal is to help others to clearly recognize their strengths and maximize the behaviors and mindset that will help them reach their full potential. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive Coaching