Douglas "Scott" Pierce


I help clients navigate both the outer professional & inner personal journeys of leadership using a single unified yet tailorable approach built around The Leadership Diamond®. Firstly, I help leaders & their teams work together more effectively by connecting them to a shared personal & professional understanding regarding leadership, human behavior & how it aligns to their unique business strategy. This foundation forming work is perfect for new leaders and project teams wanting to quickly ramp up team connectivity, effectiveness & diagnose, plan, and execute on specific business challenges. My second focus is coaching individual leaders through a structured 12 week leadership development program that creates breakthrough improvements in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and relationship management.


My motto is “Perspective Is Everything!” It reflects my passion for teaching people to see their own big picture through fresh eyes, with themselves responsibly empowered at them helm of their own leadership mind. My personal journey into leadership strategy began as the leader of a major business process reengineering & technology development initiative for The Boeing Company. When someone I respected recommended my team engage in Leadership Diamond® training, I agreed with the timing & logic, despite being a cynical engineer! I was amazed at how our investment improved both my team’s leadership attitudes and competencies. Today my personal journey of leadership is all about helping clients discovering their own bigger picture perspective & courage to embrace their voice & passion for authenticity, alignment & leadership strategy.


My coaching & consulting leverages The Leadership Diamond® - a model, language & methodology for expanding leadership at all organizational levels. The Leadership Diamond® provides a robust yet unifying lens for creating deeply shared understanding of all human endeavours from personal development to business strategy challenges. My Diamond Leader individual leadership development program guides clients through a structured journey to expand their personal perspective & authentic comfort in leadership situations. It combines weekly perspective readings, an easy yet deeply insightful daily journaling methodology, and weekly coached strategy sessions to create breakthroughs in emotional intelligence.


Originally an Aerospace Engineer from the Georgia Institute of Technology, my early career focused on aircraft design engineering before transitioning to a role in Airplane Integration on the Boeing 777 Program. My natural affinity for big picture, people & systems thinking helped me land a great role (Program Manager) leading a major Boeing initiative to create breakthrough improvements in product design productivity. Here I gained broad experience in business process reengineering, product/technology development methodologies (Agile, Lean, etc.) , program/project management, and how a smart leadership strategy can tie it all together. My Executive MBA from the University of Technology Sydney and follow on projects have broadened my business experiences but my core leadership strategy consulting work has been consistently worthwhile across a diverse range of client situations.


  • Banking/Finance
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation


  • C-Suite Leader Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development Program Design
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation