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Debbie Daniels is a dynamic leadership and executive coach with a well-earned reputation for inspiring powerful results. Her effectiveness is the culmination of over 30 years of executive and organizational development experience. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Debbie’s work with individuals and groups encompasses the domains of leadership mastery, capacity building and life design. She is also a seasoned facilitator, helping with team development, executive collaboration, and succession planning. Her work builds upon her philosophy that people are most effective when they are best able to express themselves authentically and fully in their lives and their careers, and to be able to use their gifts, talents, and competencies to make significant life contributions.

Debbie is particularly well qualified to offer such a sophisticated and highly personal service. Her work uses strategies drawn from a variety of discourses, including communications, psychology, systems theory, and ontological and somatic coaching. This unique synthesis offers clients the chance to observe issues from numerous perspectives, providing opportunities for new thinking and creative action. All of her academic preparation and professional effort have centered upon understanding people, how they express themselves in the world, and how they can achieve their inner most desires. With a Masters in Social Work she applied her talents for many years as an individual therapist and a group counselor. She also ran physician and patient programs in major medical centers. Becoming a Certified Coach allowed her to expand and enhance her work. It integrated the wealth of her experiences into a new and powerful way of expressing her personal commitment to compassionate service.