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Dawn brings over 25 years of leadership, coaching and organizational consulting experience to leaders and teams in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Prior to being an independent coach and consultant, she worked for a large telecommunications company in various leadership roles. She has engaged in expansive work with executives and managers of technology, customer service and training organizations.

Dawn’s coaching approach is based on a developmental and integral methodology. Her coaching style, a blend of inquiry, rigor, and compassion, supports clients in learning new competencies required when becoming outstanding leaders. Together with her clients she builds measurable behavioral outcomes and assists clients in mastering developmental changes necessary to meet the ever-changing demands of leadership within organizations. Dawn has a passion for coaching individuals and leaders in transition, helping to build the interpersonal and leadership skills needed to excel at senior levels. She has helped clients transition from managers to leaders, increasing their effectiveness as they learn to better navigate within political infrastructures, improve their abilities to delegate effectively, and be more collaborative. She is currently on faculty for JFK University and New Ventures West Coaching School where she provides mentoring and coaching to future coaches.