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Craig is an executive coach specializing in behavioral performance who provides in-depth approaches to leadership development and systematic methods for building high performing teams. He has devoted his life to individual and organizational transformation and is of the opinion that “the only way an organization can be the very best version of itself is for every individual within the organization to be the very best version of themselves.” He has studied team dynamics for many years and he believes this is the key for developing winning teams.

Craig is dedicated to improving communication, enhancing leadership skills and developing leadership style. These are all essential components to effective leadership and vital in creating positive interpersonal relationships in the workplace as well as in personal life. Providing a unique and detailed prescription for improved performance is essential. He is adept at utilizing various proven tools, which provide a baseline measure of how individuals perform behaviorally and a subsequent measure for progress.

During his 25 year career as a professional in the engineering and architectural fields, Craig was responsible for building and leading diverse teams to complete large scale projects. His ability to recognize the strengths and talents of people provided the necessary component to successfully complete projects in a competitive marketplace. He is a member of the International Coach Federation and the Pittsburgh Coaches Association.