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Coaching Background:  Angela Airall is a Harvard and Oxford Leadership trained Consultant and Executive Coach certified as an Assessor with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). Angela’s coaching spans 3 decades supporting leaders in the mastery of executive and leadership competencies. 

Her executive coaching is rooted in leadership development experience. Certified by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Angela developed mastery in CCL's psychometric leadership assessments and has coached hundreds of leaders in their flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP) and Leadership Development and High Performing Teams Program (LDHPT), which she co-designed with faculty from the US Air Force Academy.

As a former C-suite executive in both corporate and not for profit sectors, Angela is a veteran of many successful career changes: CHIEF LEARNING OFFICER, CHIEF DIVERSITY OFFICER, LEADERSHIP ACADEMY ARCHITECT AND BUSINESS OWNER. She works naturally with leaders in career transition and has deep coaching and consulting experience with CEOs, Presidents, Senior Managers, Managers, High Potential Leaders, and members of Board of Directors. Angela also consults to Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) to implement Talent Management and Succession Planning strategies across global enterprises. 

At Johnson and Johnson, Angela was the pioneer of Johnson and Johnson’s LeaderView Global High Potential Talent Management strategy used across the Pharmaceutical, Consumer, Medical Device, and Nutritional sectors. She selected, trained, designed and managed Executive Coaches and coaching content in the program. Angela also supported launches of Johnson and Johnson’s Global Leadership Strategy resulting in the TALENTSCOPE, TALENTQUEST, TALENTCOACH products used by leaders worldwide to assess and develop J&J talent. She designed the coaching component for J&J’s Executive Women’s Leadership Program at Smith College.

Consulting across industries, Angela coached high potential executives on Wall Street in a yearlong process as part of an industry-wide Talent Management Program. Her coaching led to a robust global leadership pipeline strategy currently being used across the Insurance Sector.

As the original architect and manager of the Duke Leadership Academy and the Duke Medicine Chancellor‘s Clinical Medical Academy (C-ChAMP) Angela built and led the Executive Coaching Practice at Duke University in collaboration with the Coach K - Center for Leadership Ethics (COLE) at Fuqua Business School. She also launched the Talent Management Succession Planning strategy at Duke Medicine building the bench for Division Chiefs and Medical Chairs resulting in a stronger global leadership bench.

As an Executive Coach, Angela consults with newly appointed CEOs, senior level executives, and department managers. She especially enjoys coaching high potential leaders in transition and is certified in the New Leader Assimilation strategy by Harvard author, Dr. Michael Watkins, author of the First 90 Days and Right From the Start.

Story:  Originally from the Republic of Panama, Angela was raised in Panama and Germany, as her father was an Army military officer and she attended 5 different school systems. During High School, she visited most of Europe and gained a love of international cultures before coming to the U.S. to live bi-coastally. As a lifelong learner with a reflective meditation practice, Angela attended Seminary after completing her traditional educational path. She launched her private business as a Life Cycle Celebrant certified by The Celebrant Foundation and Institute. Currently a doctoral candidate at Univ. of Sedona with her dissertation focused on Compassionate Leadership (weaving the intersections of IQ, EQ, CQ, and SQ competencies), Angela is pioneering new streams of thought leadership in "Cultivating the Human Spirit at Work". As Founder and Group Manager for the Linked In Organizational Culture Change Agent Group, Angela leads conversations and research on developing compassionate work cultures for 8,000 change agents.

Angela returned to Panama launching Silver and Gold: Untold Stories of Immigrant Life in the Panama Canal, memoirs written by her father, who at 95 yrs. old received a Key to the City from the Mayor during the centennial of the Panama Canal. Angela continues to keep her family’s Silver and Gold legacy alive in her social justice, diversity, and inclusion consulting and training as Managing Director of Silver and Gold Enterprises, LLC.

Coaching Approach:  Angela brings pragmatic realism to her coaching engagements with a core belief that Who You Are Is How You Lead. She assumes that each individual, team and organization is doing the very best they can and knows that When They Know Better, They Do Better.

Utilizing a reflective inquiry process, Angela coaches with a curious mind, an artful ear, and a profound enthusiasm for envisioning and inspiring the greatest potential in each person. Her clients leave with greater leadership wisdom and mastery, more confidence, and alignment of purpose, values and vision for their next chapter in their career. 

She offers her clients a 4-step coaching process to guide them through this journey to unlock their higher potential in developing leadership competencies. Utilizing the four part process of “Assessment, Challenge, Support and Exploration” brings together the use of keen observation with introspection, contemplation, mindfulness and healing with rigor to “dig deep” and “lean in” to address complex leadership challenges. 

Packed with best practice tools, leadership practices, exercises, proven strategies, and thought leadership in the Coaching Industry, this 4-step coaching process developed by CCL, has proven successful with her clients, over time.

Business Background:  Well before Talent Management was an organizational priority, Angela worked side by side with C-suite leaders to help them assess Leadership Performance, Leadership Potential, Executive Derailment, Global Leadership Transitions, and the business case for designing a strong bench across all functions and disciplines. Her consulting to leaders helped to identify and build competencies that differentiate their companies and tied talent performance to organizational performance.

Angela has designed and facilitated Talent Management and Succession Planning strategies for companies and spent fifteen years as a coach and catalyst driving the Human Resources (HR) industry to maturity to impact business outcomes. As one of the architects of CCL’s Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP), Angela has coached and trained Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) across all industries. 

During the last 15 years, Angela worked internally in three companies facilitating strategic conversations with executives to build their global leadership pipelines. As such, Angela has coached executive teams solving both talent and business challenges including Deans of the top 85 elite US graduate business schools; Division Chiefs and Medical Chairs in America’s leading medical centers; and pharmaceutical industry executives. As a result, she spearheaded new publishing ventures at Educational Testing Service for GMAT, GRE, SAT and TOEFL; coached Action Learning Teams who pioneered medical advances in remote global geographies; and coached executive teams to pioneer SPLENDA and IBOT Mobility creating new business sectors at J&J.

Angela’s global consulting and coaching have impacted leadership giants in the US, Panama and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions, with specific long-term coaching engagements held in Belgium, Holland, and the UK.

Education, Certifications, Faculty, Publications


  • PhD – Doctoral Candidate – University of Sedona – “Compassionate Leadership: Cultivating the Human Spirit at Work”
  • PMD – Harvard Business School – Strategy and Execution
  • EMBA – University of Southern California Executive MBA Program – Organization Development
  • MS – Boston University – Marketing
  • BS - The American University – Public Policy 
  • BA - University of Sedona - Pastoral Counseling


  • Benchmarks 360 
  • DISC
  • Drexler: Sibbet High Performing Teams Assessment
  • Executive Team Assessment
  • Executive Leadership Index (ELI)
  • Herman Gyr Enterprise Development (ED Model)
  • Hogan Suite of Leadership Assessments
  • Leadership Agility
  • Leadership Versatility 360
  • Lominger VOICES 360
  • MBTI
  • McClelland Power Motive
  • New Leader Assimilation (NLA)
  • Prepare and Enrich
  • Situational Leadership
  • Six Domains of Leadership Fuqua’s Business School’s Coach K Center for Leadership Ethics (COLE),
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode
  • Trust at Work (360, Team, Organizational and Customer Assessments)


  • Assessor: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)
  • Charter Member: National Hispanic Society of MBA’s
  • Consultant: Korn Ferry Hay Group Talent Management
  • Educator: Duke Corporate Education
  • Executive Coach: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)
  • Group Manager: Linked In - Organizational Culture Change Agents Group
  • International Faculty Board - US Fellow: Oxford Leadership
  • Life Cycle Celebrant: The Celebrant Foundation and Institute
  • Member: Global Trust Network


  • American Express NUL Emerging Leaders Program Faculty
  • Center for Creative Leadership Adjunct Faculty
  • Duke University Leadership Academy Facuty
  • Efficacy for Women Faculty
  • Efficacy for People of Color Faculty
  • High Performing Teams Faculty
  • Oxford Leadership: Self-Managing Leadership
  • Oxford Leadership: Strategic Focusing
  • Trust at Work


  • Author: Diverse Teams at Work
  • Author: Leadership: The Eleanor Roosevelt Way – Chapter Contributor 
  • Author: The Official Guide to GMAT /The Official Guide to MBA Programs and Careers (1st 3 editions)


  • American Society of Training and Development – Nominated ASTD "Multicultural Trainer of the Year"
  • Conference Chairperson: National Black MBA Association, Inc.
  • Conference Convener: INROADS 
  • Keynote Speaker: Duke University Women's Leadership Conference "Giving from a Full Cup"
  • Keynote Speaker: Duke Medicine – Physician Leadership Development
  • Keynote Address and Introduction of Dr. Maya Angelou 
  • Symposium Presenter: Wharton Business School - The Future of Learning

TOP Industry Experience

  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Executive Coaching
  • Healthcare
  • Not For Profit

TOP Areas of Expertise

  • 360 Assessment
  • C-Suite Leader Coaching
  • Coaching Program Design & Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Executive Team Assessment & Development
  • Physician Leader Coaching
  • Succession Planning & Talent Management